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‘EMELEC’ ~ Leda Catunda

This highly sought-after piece makes a true statement and could be a wonderful addition to any personal art collection…

Schiaparelli Sofas

Schiaparelli Style sofas are not widely available so they are highly sought after by collectors of decorative arts…

Jacques Le Bescond

His legacy continues to live on through his sculptures and the influence he had on the world of modernist art…

Rare Sculptures

Prized for historical significance, beautiful craftsmanship, and intricate attention to detail…

Featured Items

For homes and offices of distinction, Maison Felice specializes in important pieces with historical significance and enduring beauty. These featured Items are highly sought after, and exclusively ours.

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The Phyllis Washington Collection

When visiting the west coast, be sure to visit our 20,000-square-foot, world-renowned gallery on the famed shopping avenue, ‘El Paseo’ in Palm Desert, California.

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