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Russian Empire-Style Mahogany Armchairs – Set of 2

A pair of Russian Empire-style mahogany armchairs. Each chair has a rectangular button leather back and seat with padded arm supports and sides raised on circular form legs capped with brass fittings. 41" high, 24" wide, 28" deep.

Russian Empire Style Mahogany Armchairs are antique chairs made in the Russian Empire during the 19th century. The Russian Empire is known for a neoclassical style that was popular in Russia during the reign of Alexander I (1801-1825) and is characterized by its grandeur, opulence, and use of classical motifs.

The armchairs are made of mahogany, a type of hardwood that was favored for its strength and durability. The chairs are decorated with gilt accents, emphasizing their grandeur and luxurious appearance. The upholstery is leather, and the color would have been chosen to match the decor of the room they were originally used in.

Russian Empire Style Mahogany Armchairs were often used in formal settings, such as a grand living room or a palace reception hall. They were designed to be comfortable and sturdy, while also being stylish and impressive.

Today, Russian Empire Style Mahogany Armchairs are considered valuable antique furniture pieces and are prized by collectors and enthusiasts of Russian decorative arts. They are highly sought after for their historical significance, fine craftsmanship, and elegant design. They can add a touch of luxury and grandeur to a formal living room or other formal settings and can be used as statement pieces in a variety of interior design styles.