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Schiaparelli Style Sofas – Gold Velvet, Set of 2

Luxurious Pair of Gold Velvet Sofas in “Schiaparelli Style”

Schiaparelli Style sofas refer to sofas designed in the style of the Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973). Schiaparelli was a pioneering figure in the world of fashion and was known for her innovative and often surreal designs. Her style was characterized by bold use of color, unexpected materials, and playful details. Sofas designed in the Schiaparelli style incorporate these same elements incorporated into the design.

Schiaparelli Style sofas are not widely available so they are highly sought after by collectors of decorative arts and are considered valuable pieces of furniture. These unique treasures have a magnetic appeal to those who appreciate bold, playful designs and are looking to make a statement in their interiors.


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