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George Jones Majolica Strawberry Dish

A George Jones majolica strawberry dish, circa 1869. Majolica is earthenware pottery made in 19th century Britain and the USA with molded surfaces and colorful clear lead glazes. 4″ high, 6″ wide.

George Jones was a prominent British ceramics manufacturer who produced a wide range of pottery and porcelain wares in the late 19th century, including majolica pieces. Majolica is a type of pottery that is distinguished by its brightly colored, highly glazed surfaces and intricate relief designs.

A George Jones majolica strawberry dish is a type of serving dish that was designed to hold and display strawberries or other fruits. These dishes weremade of earthenware and were molded in the shape of a strawberry. The dishis decorated with intricate relief designs and brightly colored glazes that emphasize natural textures.One of the most notable features of George Jones majolica strawberry dishes is the attention to detail in the design and decoration. These dishes were molded with a realistic texture that mimicked the surface of a real leaves.

George Jones majolica strawberry dishes are highly collectible today. They are valued for their beauty, craftsmanship, and historical significance as examples of 19th-century British pottery. The value of a George Jones majolica strawberry dish can vary depending on its condition, rarity, and provenance, but these pieces are generally considered to be valuable and highly sought after by collectors of antique pottery and ceramics.