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Step Back in Time

Discover the intrigue, beauty and elegance of the past with our exquisite collection at Maison Felice…

Unique Décor

Thoughtful, whimsical, and everything in between, Maison Felice has one of the best collections of home accents anywhere…

Make A Statement

If you are looking for that one stand-out piece to make the room, head over to our featured items collection…

New Arrivals

Maison Felice is known for our exceptional collection of the finest things and most sought-after treasures. See them here first…

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Elevate your living space with timeless elegance by incorporating high-end antiques. From a chic urban apartment to a sprawling country estate, these unique pieces add character and sophistication to any room.

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Our curated selection features the finest examples of craftsmanship and design, each imbued with a rich history and legacy that will add depth and character to any room in your home.

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history comes to life through our vast collection of museum-quality antiques spanning the early 18th century to the Art Deco period. With our intuitive search bar below, you can easily find any piece you desire, ensuring that every customer can experience the timeless beauty of our entire collection.

Fine Art

Be sure to visit our expertly curated selection of exquisite fine art. Find something magical for your collection today…

Rare Sculptures

Often created for religious or political purposes, they served as important symbols of power and authority…

Candelabra Collection

Their elegant design and intricate detailing make them a prized possession among antique lighting collectors…

Sofas & Settees

Prized for historical significance, beautiful craftsmanship, and intricate attention to detail…

Our Newest Items

Experience the allure of old-world charm with our exclusive selection of premium antique pieces. Each item is handpicked from the finest sources around the globe, exuding the highest level of luxury and refinement.

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Discover a world of curated collections, expertly sourced from the most sought-after periods in history. From the classical elegance of the 18th century to the bold geometric lines of Art Deco, our carefully curated selections cater to all discerning tastes and preferences, ensuring that every piece is a statement of individuality.

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The Phyllis Washington Collection

When visiting the west coast, be sure to visit our 20,000-square-foot, world-renowned gallery on the famed shopping avenue, ‘El Paseo’ in Palm Desert, California.

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