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French Walnut Armoire

Walnut ribbon and olive branch armoire. 18th Century. 61″ wide, 25″ deep, 96″ high

Made in France during the Baroque or Rococo period. Armoires were common furniture items during this time, and they were typically used for storing clothes, linens, and other household items.

This particular walnut armoire is notable for its decorative features. It has a ribbon and olive branch motif carved into the wood, which was a popular design element during the 18th century. The ribbon represents the Baroque period’s love of curves and ornamental lines, while the olive branch symbolizes peace and prosperity.

Walnut wood was a popular material for furniture making during the 18th century because it was strong and durable, yet also had a beautiful grain pattern that could be polished to a high shine. Armoires like this one were often made by skilled craftsmen who spent many hours carving and shaping the wood by hand.

Today, an 18th-century walnut armoire like this one would be considered a valuable antique and would likely be sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of historical furniture. It would also be an impressive addition to any home with a traditional or antique decor style.