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George Bullock Oak & Brass Centre Table

Elevate your interior with a rare and exceptional Regency center table attributed to George Bullock, one of the most esteemed furniture designers of the early 19th century. Crafted circa 1815, this stunning piece features a striking parcel-gilt, ebony, and ebonized pollard oak top with a spectacular brass border that accentuates its fine details. The table’s graceful form sits on a pedestal base with a bold pollard oak shaft and intricate brass accents, showcasing the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of the Regency period.

George Bullock was a highly respected designer and furniture maker, best known for his exceptional neoclassical works that incorporated natural motifs and lavish materials. His unique style and use of unusual materials like pietra dura, lapis lazuli, and porcelain earned him a reputation as a master craftsman and attracted the attention of many prominent figures of his time. Bullock’s work can be found in prestigious collections and museums around the world, making this Regency center table a rare and valuable find.

Measuring 31 inches high and 26 1/5 inches in diameter, this center table is the perfect embodiment of Bullock’s design philosophy and a testament to the exquisite taste and sophistication of the Regency era. Bring home a piece of history and indulge in the grandeur of this exceptional center table.


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