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Russian Neoclassical Mahogany Commodes – Set of 2

From Russia during the late 18th to early 19th century, this particular style of commode features a mahogany wood veneer, which is a type of decorative surface that involves thin slices of wood being glued onto a solid base. The commodes are embellished with gilt-bronze mounts, which are decorative metal pieces that are typically cast or molded in bronze and then finished with a gilded coating (a layer of gold).

The brass inlay, which is the process of embedding thin strips of brass into the surface of the wood, is another decorative element found on these commodes. This technique was particularly popular during the Neoclassical period, which is characterized by a revival of classical styles and motifs.

This pair of Russian Neoclassical style gilt-bronze mounted brass-inlaid mahogany commodes would be a beautiful and valuable addition to any antique furniture collection, and would be appreciated for their historical significance, as well as their aesthetic appeal.