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George III Ormolu-Mounted Scagliola Surtout de Table

A George III ormolu-mounted scagliola surtout de table is an ornate and luxurious centerpiece that was used in formal dining during the late 18th century in England. “Surtout de table” literally means “over the table,” and it refers to a decorative table centerpiece that was typically placed over the tablecloth during formal meals.

This particular George III Surtout de Table is characterized by its use of scagliola, a technique that involves the application of colored plaster to create a marble-like finish. The centerpiece is mounted with ormolu, a type of gilt bronze, which adds to the overall opulence and elegance of the piece.

The design of the George III Surtout de Table is asymmetrical and flowing, with a sense of movement and energy that is intended to draw the eye and create a sense of drama and spectacle. Adorned with decorative elements which are meticulously crafted and designed to impress guests and enhance the overall aesthetic of the dining room.

The George III Surtout de Table is a highly valued and sought-after antique. It is appreciated for its historical significance, exceptional craftsmanship, and ornate beauty. Today, these are often used as a decorative element in formal dining rooms or displayed in museum collections, where it serves as a testament to the opulence and extravagance of the Georgian era. Proper care and maintenance are required to ensure that the Surtout de Table retains its beauty and value over time.