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George Jones Majolica Muffin Dish & Cover

A George Jones majolica muffin dish and cover. Circa 1871 Majolica is earthenware pottery made in 19th century Britain and the USA with molded surfaces and colorful clear lead glazes. 5-3/4″ high, 10-1/2″ deep.

The term “majolica” refers to a type of earthenware pottery that was first produced in the 19th century and was characterized by its bright, bold glazes and decorative designs.

George Jones was a prominent British pottery maker who specialized in the production of majolica wares. His muffin dish with cover is a fine example of his work, featuring a colorful design of molded leaves and berries on the lid and sides of the dish. The muffin dish and cover was designed to be used for serving muffins, a popular baked good in 19th-century Britain. The dish and cover would have been placed on a table and used to keep the muffins warm, while also serving as a decorative piece.

George Jones majolica wares are highly collectible and sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. His pieces are known for their intricate designs, vivid colors, and high level of craftsmanship. The muffin dish and cover is a fine example of his work and is valued for its historical significance, artistic merit, and rarity.