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French Walnut Buffet With a Clock

Acquired from a monastery in the French countryside, this massive and impressive solid Walnut buffet has a clock that chimes and multiple racks. The clock chimes 5 minutes before the hour so the monks would have time to get to the table. The quality of this piece is unsurpassed and it is a truly special find. Circa 1770.

This type of tall cabinet was used for storing and displaying dining wares, such as plates, cups, and cutlery. The buffet is made of walnut, which was a popular wood used in furniture-making during the 18th century. The clock adds a decorative element to the piece and also serves the practical function of keeping time during meals. The buffet would have been a highly desirable piece of furniture during its time and is now an extremely valuable antique.

*Dishes shown in photos are not included. This is a very large piece, we left the dishes in the shots intentionally, to help provide a sense of proportion.




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