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Mid Century Modern Chairs, John Follis Design – Set of 2

Pair of Decorative Red Chairs by John Follis, a Mid Century Designer Known for Working with J.P. Getty, Walt Disney and Sea World. He Also Taught Design at UCLA.

Measures: 30"H x 27 1/2"L x 31 1/2"

John Follis was an American architect and designer known for his work in furniture design. He was born in 1917 and was active in the mid-20th century. Follis was known for his clean, modernist designs that combined elements of classical form with contemporary functionality.

His furniture pieces were often characterized by their simple lines, use of natural materials such as wood and stone, and attention to detail. He worked in a variety of materials, including teak, rosewood, and walnut, and his designs often incorporated innovative construction techniques. Follis' work was highly influential in the mid-century modern design movement and is still highly sought after by collectors and interior designers today.