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Theodore Deck Faience Persian-Blue Vase Lamps – Set of 2

A pair of ormolu-mounted Theodore Deck faience Persian-blue vases from the late 19th century are exquisite examples of decorative art that were produced by Theodore Deck, a French ceramicist who was known for his distinctive and innovative work in the field of ceramics during the 19th century.

Each vase is of bottle form, which means they are tall and narrow with a rounded body and a long, slender neck. The vases are made from faience, which is a type of tin-glazed earthenware that was developed in the Middle East during the 9th century and was later produced in Europe during the Renaissance period. The Persian-blue glaze on the vases is a deep, rich blue color that was a popular choice in ceramic design during the late 19th century.

The vases are also adorned with ormolu mounts – decorative brass fittings that are used to embellish ceramics or other decorative objects. The ormolu mounts on these vases would have been made by a skilled metalworker and add an additional layer of luxury and sophistication to the already beautiful pieces.

Theodore Deck was known for his innovative use of glazes and his ability to combine traditional techniques with modern designs. His work was highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts during his lifetime and continues to be admired by art lovers today. A pair of ormolu-mounted Theodore Deck faience Persian-blue vases like these are a valuable addition to any collection of decorative arts or ceramics.