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Black & Chrome Art Deco Lamps – Set of 2

A pair of Black Art Deco lamps with striking chromed finial mounted atop antiqued square mirror base. 39″ high, 13″ wide.

Art Deco is a style characterized by its use of geometric forms, bold colors, and shiny materials such as chrome and glass. Art Deco lamps were often designed as statement pieces, with sleek lines and streamlined shapes. These Art Deco lamps typically feature a combination of black and chrome finishes, with the base or body of the lamp in black and the accents or fittings in chrome. Often used in contemporary interior design to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a space. They work well in modern or minimalist interiors and can also be used in more traditional settings to create a sense of contrast and interest.

Art Deco lamps are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of Art Deco design. They are considered a classic example of the style and are valued for their sleek, streamlined design, as well as their historical and cultural significance. To maintain their value and beauty, these lamps should be handled with care and cleaned and maintained regularly using appropriate materials and techniques.