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Louis XV Bureau Plat

Transport yourself to the elegance and grace of the Louis XV era with this stunning Louis XV Style Mahogany and Gilt Metal Mounted Bureau Plat. This piece beautifully captures the essence of the Louis XV style, which was characterized by its fluid lines, delicate curves, and intricate ornamentation.

Mahogany, a luxurious and highly sought-after hardwood, was widely used in antique furniture due to its rich color, durability, and beautiful grain. Its popularity soared during the Louis XV period, as it complemented the intricate carvings and gilt metal mounts that adorned furniture pieces of this style. The warm tones and lustrous finish of mahogany added a touch of sophistication and refinement to the overall aesthetic.

A “bureau plat” is a type of writing desk that originated in France during the 17th century. The term “bureau” refers to a desk or writing table, while “plat” means flat or level. The bureau plat typically features a large flat writing surface, often covered in leather or felt, supported by four legs. It is known for its generous proportions and often includes drawers or compartments for storage.

The name “bureau plat” reflects the functional and practical nature of this piece of furniture. Its flat and level surface provides an ideal workspace for writing, conducting business, or other desk-related activities. In the case of the Louis XV Style Mahogany and Gilt Metal Mounted Bureau Plat, the addition of exquisite gilt metal mounts and elegant details elevates it to a work of art, worthy of admiration.

Owning a Louis XV Style Mahogany and Gilt Metal Mounted Bureau Plat allows you to bring the sophistication and charm of the Louis XV period into your home or office space. Its combination of mahogany and gilt metal mounts showcases the craftsmanship and design aesthetics that were highly prized during this era. Embrace the allure of this exquisite piece and enjoy the beauty and functionality of a true Louis XV-style bureau plat.