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‘Marie Antoinette’ Pastel Portrait, Signed Genevieve Navarre circa 1780

'Marie Antoinette' Pastel portrait, circa 1780. In its original oval frame. Signed Genevieve Navarre. Circa  29" high, 24" wide.

A pastel "Marie Antoinette" portrait in its original oval frame is an antique artwork dating back to the 18th century. The piece is a portrait of the famous queen of France, Marie Antoinette, depicted in pastel. The portrait is enclosed in its original oval frame, which adds to its historical significance The portrait is signed by Genevieve Navarre, an artist who was active during the 18th century and specialized in portrait paintings. Navarre's signature adds to the artwork's authenticity and provides insight into the artist's role in creating this unique piece.

The portrait is significant not only for its historical subject matter but also for its artistic quality. Pastel was a popular medium for portrait painting during the 18th century, as it allowed artists to create soft and lifelike images with great detail and depth. The oval frame, a popular choice for portrait paintings during the Rococo period, adds charm and elegance to the artwork.

Overall, a pastel "Marie Antoinette" portrait in its original oval frame, signed by Genevieve Navarre, is an exceptional piece of art representing the style, culture, and history of the 18th century. It is highly valued by collectors and art enthusiasts alike and would be an excellent addition to any art collection or display.