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‘Emelec’ Acrylic on Canvas and Fabric, Original Artwork by Leda Catunda

Huge Acrylic Painting Signed, Titled and Dated "Leda Catunda EMELEC 2011". Measures 71 7/8" x 75".

Since the 1980s, Leda Catunda has constructed a visual lexicon shifting between mass culture and craftwork, employing abstract painting and sculpture as much as pop art’s collage and appropriation procedures. With the means at hand and conserving the traces of her process, the artwork of Catunda insinuates a critique of the affirmation of identity through consumerism, reworking textile waste, and the mechanisms of commercial culture.

Leda Catunda has participated in three São Paulo Biennials (1983, 1985 and 1994) and large collective exhibitions such as Modernity (Paris, 1987), Latin American Artists of the 20th Century (Museum of Modern Art in New York, 1993), and elsewhere.

This highly sought-after piece makes a true statement, and a wonderful addition to any personal art collection.