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Pair of Italian White Marble Lion Figures

A pair of Italian white marble figures of lions. 19th century. Each 11-1/2″ high, 7″ wide, 23″ long.

19th-century Italian white marble lion figures are a type of decorative art object that reflects the neoclassical style popular during the 19th century. These lion figures are made of high-quality white marble, prized for their beauty and durability.

The lion figures are depicted in a crouching pose, with their front paws extended and their mouths open as if roaring. The figures are highly detailed and intricate. These lion figures were popular decorative elements in grand interior spaces, such as palaces and wealthy individuals’ homes. They would have been admired for their skillful craftsmanship, classical beauty, and associations with power, strength, and nobility.

In addition to their decorative value, 19th-century Italian white marble lion figures are also highly valued as antiques and collectibles today. They are sought after by collectors for their historical and artistic significance, as well as their rarity and beauty. As with many antique marble sculptures, they require special care to maintain their appearance and are often displayed in well-lit and protected areas to prevent damage.