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Italian Silver Sculpture of Lions

Italian Silver Sculpture of Two Lions. Circa 1965

Silver sculptures were a popular form of decorative art during the mid-20th century, and many artists and designers were experimenting with different styles to create unique and eye-catching pieces. Italian silver sculptures were particularly popular during this time period, as Italy was known for its rich artistic traditions and skilled craftsmen.

The sculpture of the two lions was been created using the lost-wax casting technique, a traditional method of creating sculptures in which a model is made from wax and then cast in metal. The sculpture may have been polished or engraved to give it additional texture and detail.
Silver sculptures, particularly those created during the mid-20th century, are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. The Italian silver sculpture of two lions is highly valued for its craftsmanship, artistic merit, and historical significance as a mid-century decorative art piece.