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French Restoration Giltwood Barometer

French Restoration Giltwood Barometer. Circa 1820’s. Height is 36″

The French Restoration Giltwood Barometer is an antique instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure and predict weather changes. It was made in France during the Restoration period, which lasted from 1815 to 1830. This particular barometer is estimated to have been made around the early to mid 1820’s.

The barometer is housed in a giltwood frame that is ornate and decorative, with intricate carvings and gilding that reflect the styles of the time. The giltwood frame has a pediment at the top which features a motif of acanthus leaves, and an eagle. The barometer itself is a mercury barometer, which means it measures atmospheric pressure by the height of a column of mercury in a glass tube.

In addition to its practical use as a weather forecasting instrument, the French Restoration Giltwood Barometer was also considered a decorative art object in its time, reflecting the wealth and sophistication of its owners. Today, it is highly prized by collectors of antique scientific instruments and period furniture.